DeRoock Ancestry

Opa Alexander DeRoock

Picture was taken in 1932 during the colonial times in the Dutch East Indies. This is my grandfather. I researched my ancestry with available documents like birth and death certificates, recorded baptism, marriage and divorce papers. Starting in the early 1600, the Dutch kept pretty good records, even in the colonial Dutch East Indies.(Today’s Indonesia). The research is a labor of love and still ongoing. I never looked into my mother’s ancestry because she did not know much about it and never talked about it. There are only few things that I know. She was a posthumous child since her father died in April just before she was born in August of the same year. He contracted malaria during a patrol in the jungles of northern Sumatra and was transported to Aceh where he died.

Our last name is spelled either the Dutch way- de Roock – or the American way – DeRoock -. Alphabetically in the Netherlands you find the name under “R”. In English speaking countries you can find us under “D”. regardless if it is spelled lower case or capital D.

NOTE: Dates are in European style. dd/mm/yyyy.

Most of the writing is in Dutch. So in order to understand you can translate it in English or any other language. Just “right click” on the text and choose “translate” from “Dutch” to “English”.(or a language you prefer.)